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Package Description

This script is written to work with QBCore and Zap Hosting ESX Pack

This script will add the ability for players to rent and manage their very own storage warehouse.

Features of Storage Warehouses:

  • Unlimited Warehouse Locations 
  • Object Interior System - Warehouses are created automatically using objects
  • Upgradable Storage (Separate Containers)
  • Storable Cash (editable within config)
  • Cash Objects depending on amount stored for added immersion.
  • Ability to Manage Keys
  • Ability for Police to Raid Warehouses (Jobs editable within config)
  • Warehouse Management UI to manage rent and warehouse level

Performance: 0.00-0.01ms while not in use | 0.05-0.08ms while in storage unit.

This is compatible with the following inventory systems:

The inventory code can be edited to use any inventory system

This script also has support for QB-Target

This resource uses FiveM's Asset Escrow System

Server Code Editable / Partial Client Code Editable

Video Previews

Renting / Managing / Upgrading 

Store / Take Cash 

Police Raid Option