Mechanic Tablet

10.00 GBP

Package Description

This script is written to work with QBCore and Zap Hosting ESX Pack

This script will add the ability for players to modify their vehicle all from a simple to use iPad,

Features of The Mechanic Tablet:

  • Ability to Modify Vehicle Mods 
  • Ability to Modify Vehicle Primary, Secondary, Wheel and Pearlescent Colours. 
  • Ability to Modify Vehicle Extras
  • Whitelist Jobs to specific Vehicle Classes. 

Tablet can be opened by using /tablet however this command can be changed or disabled, you can also trigger an event to open the tablet meaning this can be added to an item or location. 

Performance: 0.00 while not in use | 0.01ms on changing a vehicle mod.

This resource uses FiveM's Asset Escrow System

Config.lua editable, UI is build in VueJS, contact support on discord for ui source code. 

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