Storage Lockers

8.00 GBP

Package Description

This script is written to work with QBCore and Zap Hosting ESX Pack

This resource requires QB-Menu or ESX Menu Default

This script will add the ability for players to buy their own storage lockers which are locked by a personal customizable pin.

Features of Storage Lockers:

  • Unlimited Storage Lockers.
  • Lockers can be created/deleted by either staff only or by jobs (editable in config)
  • Lockers can be set as Objects which will automatically be created by the script.
  • Any GTA Object can be used as a locker object, just specify on locker command.
  • Lockers have individual prices storage amounts and slots. 
  • Lockers accessible by anyone who knows the locker pin code. 
  • Configurable Blips for available lockers and blips to see the players owned lockers  
  • Ability for Police to Raid Lockers (Item Requirement can be set in config, can be set to any item.)
  • Players can sell their locker for a partial or full refund (editable in config)

Performance: 0.00ms while not near a locker | 0.03-0.05ms while in storage unit.

This is compatible with the following inventory systems:

This resource uses FiveM's Asset Escrow System

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