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Package Description

This is a standalone script that will allow you to view the live bodycam feed from any player with an active bodycam.

The live bodycam feed can be accessed from inside MRPD allowing dispatch and other officers to monitor live bodycams.

The bodycam can be activated by /bodycam however the command can be changed and also disabled, the script also has 2 events that can be used if for example you want only police/ems to have bodycams then you can trigger the event when the player clocks on/off duty.

(Default location is using Gabz MRPD Interior’s Dispatch Centre)

This resource is standalone however does have QBCore support and also an export system to whitelist people to view the live feed, along with events to auto-enable/disable the players bodycam when clocking off/on duty, This information can be found in the config.lua file.

Prompt and control text can be edited via the config file for non-English servers.

Performance: 0.01ms while not being used | 0.15ms while watching live feed

This resource is provided with no encryption meaning you can edit all the files however you may not re-share or re-distribute for free or resale.